We are a Over 20 years professional factory in manufacturing all kinds of industrial plastic crates.

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Collapsable Box feature

Shop for the best plastic collapsible crates, holds folders, tools and other hard-to-carry items, collapsible crates for sale

The folding crate is lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around, the foldable boxes are designed to fold flat when not in use.

Foldable crates for groceries, the plastic collapsible containers are suitable for all kinds of groceries and fruits,cut-out handles make it easy to pick crate up and move it.

We are a professional Plastic Foldable Crates manufacturing company, focusing on the foldable crates, folding basket, folding boxes.

The Collapsible utility crates are solid lightweight crates that can collapse in seconds making them super easy to use and put away, It's perfect for bulk shopping as it is a super-space saver when not in use

The Heavy duty Folding Plastic crates are tough and sturdy, Designed to make storage and transportation as convenient, and efficient as possible, the heavy duty Collapsible Crate makes packing for day trips, transporting groceries, organizing toys, storing seasonal essentials, and so much more a snap.

Specialized in all kinds of plastic boxes, dollies, pallets, pallet crates, coaming box, plastic injection parts and can also customize for your requirements.
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