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Attached Lid Container
The oblique insertion logistics box has excellent performance and is suitable for different environments. At present, it has been widely used in chain supermarkets, tobacco, postal, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries, making goods turnover convenient, neatly stacked, and easy to manage. The slanted insertion logistics box is designed reasonably and of high quality, especially with strong impact resistance, and can be widely used in the circulation, transportation, warehousing, processing and other links of factory logistics. According to different usage requirements, the oblique insertion logistics box includes different types of specifications. When the container is empty, it can be inserted into the stack, saving 70% of the stacking space. Especially when empty boxes are placed and transported back, it can greatly reduce the footprint and save management costs.
2024 01 25
Higher space utilization: The design of the slanted plug-in turnover box allows for more goods to be placed in the same space. Due to the inclined nature of the box, it is possible to reduce the gaps between the boxes while maintaining stability, allowing for the placement of more goods in the same space. Easy stacking and handling: Due to the oblique insertion of the box, stacking and handling are more convenient. The box can be directly tilted and inserted into other boxes for easy stacking. At the same time, handling is also more labor-saving because the box is tilted, making it easier to push. Better stability: The design of the oblique insertion turnover box makes it more stable during stacking. Due to the inclined nature of the box, there are support points at the bottom, making the stacked boxes more stable and less prone to tipping.
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Plastic container with hinged lid are made of durable plastic PP material. They are strong, stable, weatherproof, and easy to clean. plastic container with hinged lid make organizing a breeze, and each box can be stacked on top of one another, which not only helps to save space, and plastic moving boxes makes transport easier and safer, save 75% space.
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Specialized in all kinds of plastic boxes, dollies, pallets, pallet crates, coaming box, plastic injection parts and can also customize for your requirements.
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