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Plastic Crate Divider for , 1
Plastic Crate Divider for , 2
Plastic Crate Divider for , 3
Plastic Crate Divider for , 4
Plastic Crate Divider for , 5
Plastic Crate Divider for , 1
Plastic Crate Divider for , 2
Plastic Crate Divider for , 3
Plastic Crate Divider for , 4
Plastic Crate Divider for , 5

Plastic Crate Divider for ,

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Product details of the plastic crate divider

Quick Detail

Our plastic crate divider are constantly updated to follow the trend. Catering to strict standards, plastic crate divider is reinforced to guarantee the safety during the usage. JOIN's plastic crate divider can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers. Taking the lead in plastic crate divider manufacture industry, JOIN has a dominant influence in this field.

Product Information

Compared with similar products, our plastic crate divider is provided with the following competitive advantages.

15-A Plastic Bottle Crate Suit For 330ml/500ml

Product Description

Lightweight, compact plastic beer crates are the best solution for storing your beer bottles securely for travel and also to stock ahead of recycling trips. They are also a suitable option for home brew operations where branded packaging is not attainable for storage and distribution. 

15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (3)

Product Specifications


Suit for 330ml/500ml





Bottle hole




Product Details

镂空把手 (10)
Hollow handle
可印logo (6)
Printable logo
底部加强筋设计 (2)
Bottom reinforcement design

Product Application

15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (4)
15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (4)
15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (2)
15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (2)
15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (1)
15格啤酒箱-A款组图 (1)

Company Advantages

Shanghai Join Plastic Products Co,.ltd is a modern company in guang zhou. Our company is engaged in the independent R&D, production and transportation, mainly supplying Plastic Crate. JOIN pays great attention to quality and brand in business management. We intend to be determined, progressing, exploring, and innovating. We strive to improve brand competitiveness and actively explore a new market. Based on the local, we pave our way to the world with the commitment of becoming a modern enterprise with a worldwide reputation. During the business operation, our company has skilled technical personnel to develop our products. And our experienced personnel are in charge of our company's management. All that guarantees the continuous development for our company. JOIN always focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.
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