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Tailored Plastic Trays for Airport Security in Kenya


When a Kenyan customer sought plastic trays for their airport security operations, Join plastic delivered a customized solution that excelled in functionality, durability, and space optimization.
Customer Need
The client required trays that:
Fit various passenger belongings comfortably.
Were robust and long-lasting.
Minimized storage space when not in use.
Tailored Plastic Trays for Airport Security in Kenya 1
Our Solution
We designed and produced plastic trays with:
Optimal dimensions for diverse item sizes.
High-quality, durable construction.
Stackable/nestable design for efficient storage.
Tailored Plastic Trays for Airport Security in Kenya 2
Customer Feedback & Outcomes
The customer was highly satisfied with the trays, which:
Improved passenger experience with easy item deposition.
Streamlined security processes for staff.
Efficiently utilized checkpoint space with stackable design.
Tailored Plastic Trays for Airport Security in Kenya 3
This case demonstrates our ability to create tailored, high-performing solutions that meet the specific needs of clients in specialized sectors like airport security.

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