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JOIN Folding Crate 1
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JOIN Folding Crate 1
JOIN Folding Crate 2
JOIN Folding Crate 3
JOIN Folding Crate 4
JOIN Folding Crate 5

JOIN Folding Crate

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Product details of the folding crate

Product Introduction

The production technology of JOIN folding crate is constantly updated, and thus production efficiency is guaranteed. Thanks to the adoption of high technology, its quality is ensured. The product has the quality that has been recognized by many international certificates. In tune with the track of market development, the product is widely accepted by customers.

Model Egg crate

Product Description

Egg crate nesting and stacking transport crate.  Professional crates are used for transporting or storing eggs & much more. Great for taking eggs to the farmers market and looks very professional. Crates fold flat when not in use. Crates can be vertically stacked up to 5 crates high for transport to market.  Strong poly crates are machine washable and can be reused for years before needing replacements. Space saving commercial design holds all chicken eggs from small to jumbo. These crates also have a million different uses at your farm or home and are great for storing and transporting many things. The uses for them are endless. They are very strong and collapse flat in seconds by pushing 4 tabs and folding.

630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (4)

Product Specifications

External Size


Internal Size


Folded Height




Package Size

216pcs/pallet  1.26*1*2.25m

Product Details

Bottom mesh reinforced bottom
镂空把手 (3)
Hollow handles
可印logo (3)
Printable logo

Product Application

630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (1) (2)
630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (1) (2)
630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (2) (2)
630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (2) (2)
630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (3) (2)
630-330-257鸡蛋筐 (3) (2)

Company Feature

• Senior experts are hired to be consultants for JOIN, who are always ready to answer questions for customers. In addition, our company has high-tech equipment and strong scientific research strength. All these provide strong technical support for the development of high-tech products.
• At the moment, our company's sales network has spread all over the country's major cities and regions. In the future, we will strive to open up a broader overseas market.
• The location of JOIN is accessible freely from all directions and it provides convenience for the transportation of various products. Based on that, we ensure the timely supply for the source of goods.
Welcome to our site. JOIN has surprises for you, feel free to contact us for more details.

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