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Join plastic has developed a new and improved version of its insect breeding box-3


After the introduction of our first insect breeding box in 2018, we can now announce the imminent arrival of our second generation of boxes. We have made various changes to the existing model, together with prominent insect breeders. We aim to take insect breeding to a higher level with this new box. The breeding and stacking height of the new box remains the same as the previous model. What has changed are the open corners, which now provide more air displacement. This has resulted in a more even climate between the boxes.

The open character of the corner columns makes the box easier to clean. In addition, the insect breeding boxes have a uniquely designed long side which, together with the new smooth base, ensures improved airflow between the boxes. Together with specialists in the field of automation, we have looked at the most efficient automated processing method for these new breeding boxes. Partly as a result of sufficient stiffness in the corners in combination with sufficient grip options, these second generation boxes are highly suitable for automatic stacking, unstacking and washing.

Join plastic has developed a new and improved version of its insect breeding box-3 1

The new insect breeding boxes are made of a food-safe certified combination of polypropylene (PP) and dye, which complies with the latest legislation on substance migration. The use of PP material ensures that the boxes are dimensionally very stable and that they can be cleaned at high temperatures.

We expect to start producing the first batch of our improved breeding boxes in April. If you are interested in this insect breeding box or if you are looking for your own unique breeding box for breeding your insects, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, with its own in-house expert in product design and technical drawing, is capable of realising new products in a short period of time.



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