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Attached Lid Box Customized RFID Solution



Viettel Company is the largest telecommunications company in Vietnam. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, they are constantly seeking ways to improve their supply chain management and inventory tracking to ensure efficiency and accuracy. To achieve this, they decided to implement RFID technology to their Attached Lid Box product line.



The main challenge faced by Viettel Company was to integrate RFID technology into their existing production line without disrupting the workflow or increasing production costs. They also needed to ensure that the RFID tags were securely attached to the boxes without affecting their functionality or aesthetics.



To address these challenges, Viettel Company turned to a trusted partner, Join Plastic Company, who provided them with a custom-made RFID solution. Join Plastic Company has added a transparent card on the short edge to effectively connect RFID tags to the box, preventing them from falling and losing, while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the box.

Attached Lid Box Customized RFID Solution 1



Join Plastic Company provided Viettel Company with a detailed training session on how to use the new equipment and how to read and write RFID data using their proprietary software. They also provided on-site support during the initial production run to ensure a smooth transition.



After implementation, Viettel Company has seen significant improvements in their inventory tracking and supply chain management. The RFID technology has greatly reduced errors in inventory counting and tracking, allowing them to better monitor their production processes and forecast demand more accurately. In addition, the attached lid box now has a unique digital identity that can be traced back to its origin, enhancing the overall brand experience for customers.

Attached Lid Box Customized RFID Solution 2

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