Corrugated plastic totes

Corrugated plastic totes are made of high-quality polypropylene or polyethylene sheets, and can be reused more times than corrugated paper,Corrugated boxes are often made in many sizes and shapes, our corrugated plastic boxes range in thickness from 2mm to 4mm for better protection when storing, stacking, handling or transporting goods to a new facility. As a lightweight and strong alternative to molded plastic, wood, and metal containers. Corrugated plastic totes are perfect for small item management storage,they offer optimal carrying capacities while remaining lightweight, affordable and reusable.

Plastic corrugated boxes are becoming popular packagine choice for storage and shipping.

Plastic totes are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. These corrugated plastic containers are lightweight, strong and versatile, making them the preferred choice for distribution, transport and storage applications.

Corrugated plastic is an extruded material similar in appearance to corrugated paper.Both upper and lower surfaces are supported by fluted ribs. Several thicknesses are available, from light pliable sheet to heavy duty stiff “boards”

Custom corrugated totes can be fabricated to any size. You can choose from a variety of stackable and nestable designs, depending on your material handling needs. While we promotes the use of standard material sheet sizes and colors for optimal cost efficiency, special sizes and colors are available for your unique requirements. Our high-quality plastic corrugated containers offer innovative options like custom screen printing, cardholders and label placards

Custom corrugated plastic boxes

We offer numerous customization options for our corrugated plastic boxes. below are examples:

  • Size or Style — corrugated plastic is easily customizable and a low cost alternative to custom injection molded plastic containers
  • Colors or printing – help you keep your branding consistent
  • Enhanced plastic sheeting gauges, rivets, and plastic welding – ensure incredible load capacities
  • Additional features such as ergonomic handles, lids, access doors, drainage holes, interlocking sidewalls, and wire reinforcements that make handling the storage containers more comfortable and protect the items within

We provide OEM & ODM service, please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements.We are corrugated plastic tote boxes manufacturer and we can offer discount for large quantity!

we also provide industrial straight wall bins, Plastic bins for moving

We offer you 100% custom-made service

Corrugated plastic totes Applications

  • Assembly & production lines
  • Automated material handling
  • Construction
  • Distribution & shipping
  • Large & small part containers
  • Mailrooms & offices
  • Packaging & conveyor systems

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